Tai Long Wan outings

Though it takes some effort to reach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) on the eastern Sai Kung Peninsula is set in perhaps the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong. There are three beaches between headlands that sweep up to hills and ridges, old villages amidst abandoned farmland, a network of trails, and small restaurants catering mainly to hikers.

3-4hours travelling; 2-6 hours hiking

tai long wan hikers

Getting there On Sundays and public holidays, bus 96R runs directly to the Sai Kung Peninsula (“Wong Shek Pier”) from Diamond Hill MTR Station; on other days you can catch bus 94 from Sai Kung, which you can reach in a variety of ways, including minibus 101M from Hang Hau MTR Station and bus 92 from Diamond Hill MTR Station.

Outings From either Pak Tam Au or Chek Keng, follow the Maclehose Trail eastwards. The path climbs the side of a valley, to a ridge where you can rest, and look out across the natural amphitheatre centred on Tai Long Wan. The path winds down, to the hamlet of Tai Long, after which it’s an easy walk to Ham Tin, beside the southernmost beach.

There are two simple, open-air restaurants at Ham Tin – top places for a meal with a view. Beside one of them, a rough path leads up through trees, to a small headland. Though it doesn’t look special, this soon arrives above Tai Long Wan’s grandest beach (Tai Wan), which is backed by grass, woods and hills, without even a building in view.

This beach is excellent for strolling. But, though it’s popular with surfers, currents make it dangerous for swimming. It’s enough for a great day outing to do little more than chill out by the beaches, then return the way you came.

But there are possibilities for more challenging hikes, such as climbing Sharp Peak – the distinctive summit to the north of Tai Long Wan. Or, walk south along the Maclehose Trail, over a headland to the lovely Sai Wan, from where you could climb towards High Island Reservoir, and perhaps follow the Luk Wu Hiking Trail west, to the road. Neither hike is to be undertaken lightly.

After a day at Tai Long Wan, you could halt for dinner and liquid refreshments in Sai Kung, then return to the city.

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