Reply To: Fishing Holiday in Malaysia


HI Martin,
it’s ok Martin, after all, it wsan’t so polite to ‘hard sell’ on my first post.
I’ve totally forgot here (malaysia) 24×7 is HOTzzzzzzzzzz all the time. hahahha
so paying visit to you guys with my member, has to re-arrange again. ;)
coz some fella are old folks (althought 30++) hahah they cant take the cold~

Actually i’m on IT industry, Technical Manager. but try getting out fo IT industry now. boring……. :dry:
perhap, I’ve got myself transfer to Marketing dept now. try something news…. before totally transfer to ‘jungle man’ :laugh:

on paid basis? sound ok for us. after all, there is no free meal. but if we can meet up, it will great! coz we are drinking SAME UP OF TEA hahah i mean same favor at least. ;)

Anyway, thanks again!
Enjoy your weekend………. Happy Father’s Day!