Reply To: Soko Islands will be harmed by ExxonMobil-CLP LNG terminal


Just seen email saying:

The planning, construction and cost of an LNG terminal for Teeside UK, was scrapped since LNG tankers now convert the gas on board*
A terminal at the Soko Islands is thus superseded by advances in technology.
Storage provision can be made elsewhere.

(*This was reported in the Nov/Dec, edition of the Energy Institute’s magazine Energy World – citing actions to supply UK’s needs)

Just googled, quickly.

From BBC news:

The Teesside project is unique in Europe because the LNG is warmed up and turned into gas while still onboard Excelerate’s specially-designed tankers, before the gas is pumped directly into Britain’s gas network.

The company says this avoids the need to build a terminal on land.

Port welcomes first gas delivery

More info, especially on the vessel, includes:

Excelsior will regasify the LNG onboard and pump the natural gas directly into the UK national grid via a special high-pressure manifold connection.

On arrival at GasPort, LNGRVs will utilise a shore-mounted, high-pressure gas arm to connect the vessel’s midships manifold with the shore pipeline.

A small aboveground station at the site enables pressure control, metering and nitrogen blending to be carried out.

Tees set to become second LNG receiving port in UK

Naturally, we can anticipate some reasons why this just isn’t possible out here.
CLP/Exxon nearly have their hands on all the extra money they can make via terminal in HK, so not about to let from their grasp just now I think.