Reply To: Typhoon Nuri to impact Hong Kong


Joint Typhoon Warning Center reports that Nuri has weakened a little – downgraded it to tropical storm; also forecasts it will weaken furhter before hitting land.

Bu, it’s still strong enough that satellite images show an eye (rather diffuse), HK observatory still rates it a typhoon, and winds at Waglan Island have risen to over 80 km/hr (118 km/hr is hurricane force, if sustained [over 1 min average for US hurricanes, over 10 mins for HK and more usual w typhoons).

Seems it’s on track towards just west of HK – eye may pass over Lantau/Pearl River.

Here’s part of latest radar image: shows it’s mostly dry ahead of storm; can see rain free centre; and LOTS of rain (maybe with worse winds) in southern part of the storm.

nuri radar