Reply To: Huge bridge from HK to Macau to create huge problems


Just sent this as comment on EIA for Hong Kong section of the bridge – aka the HZMB Hong Kong Link Road:

The EIA is inadequate and insubstantial.

As noted by others, the EIA should indeed be in Chinese as well as English.

Regarding air pollution resulting from bridge traffic: the EIA blithely suggests that air for "receivers" will be within Hong Kong Air Quality Objectives. Yet as the consultant, Arup, is fully aware, Hong Kong’s AQOs are outdated. It would be more informative to compare the air quality with the latest WHO guidelines.

The EIA is woefully inadequate in giving no consideration to the broader impacts in air quality arising from the bridge and ensuing development. We have been told the bridge will encourage development in Zhuhai. If so, this will increase air pollution in the Pearl River Delta. No mention of this is made in the EIA – this is a serious omission.

Nor is consideration made of potential adverse impacts on north Lantau, from developments arising from bridge construction. The northwest New Territories should serve as a salutary lesson of what can happen as an indirect consequence of increased container traffic in Hong Kong: farmland can be ruined by container parks, scrapyards and so forth. Will there be measures to prevent such things happening in Hong Kong? The EIA does not tell us.

Further, the EIA fails to consider alternatives, such as rail – could this significantly reduce the air pollution from bridge traffic?

Why is this omitted? It seems the consultant was mainly seeking to support the planned project.

The EIA makes no mention of whether the potential for birds being killed by colliding with the bridge was considered. This could be an issue, especially given the Pearl River Delta is on the flyways of many migratory birds, including internationally threatened species.