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保育人士Martin Williams亦夥拍藝人郭秀雲拍攝短片,展示海下和白沙澳的美景,強調「如果我們要失去海下,至少要知道失去甚麼」。

海下之友創辦人Nicola Newbery表示,至今有逾萬人去信城規會反對分區計劃大綱,亦有逾1.3萬人聯署要求停止在海下興建村屋。

Built a small house next batch of sea coral reefs , such as murder

■ Senior Underwater Photographer Wan Zhiquan refers sea coral reefs experienced 20 years before recovering , fearing small house sewage damage to marine ecology.

Under WASHINGTON easy to restore the marine ecological damage is difficult , diving paradise reputation of Sai Kung Hoi , who have been affected sewage nineties , veteran underwater photographer wanzhi rights represent the year of coral reefs like " Lali head " as fragmented, experienced 20 years of rehabilitation and finally back to life.

Last year he shot under the sea endless number of fish and coral reefs , made ​​the movie to remind the public to conserve marine ecology, but the Board intends to build hundreds of small houses with the approval of the sea , he bluntly enough to make the discharge of sewage in coastal coral month the dead .

Dead within a month

Wan Chi rights since the early nineties for diving and underwater photography, he refers to the Tolo Harbour sewerage and reclamation under the influence of the early years of the sea , poor water quality , visibility is only two meters when diving , coral reefs and coral reef fish species have only ten variety . But the local government after experiencing the northward shift and improve sewage facilities , the gradual recovery of coral reefs under the sea , far over as big as a football field , " the shallow water 0.5 meters to 3 meters deep , all Department of coral , a Di Wu afternoon sun ! "

He refers to the experience of coral reefs under the sea 20 years before coming back to life , if the Board approved the construction of a large number of small houses , construction of mud discharged , septic tank effluent , will settle in coral reefs , within a month enough to cause coral death.

Conservationists Martin Williams also partnered with artist Guo Xiuyun shooting a movie , show under the sea and the beauty of Pak Sha O , emphasized that " if we want to lose under the sea , at least you know what to lose ."

Friends of the founders under the sea Nicola Newbery said that so far there are more than ten thousand people to believe TPB oppose Outline Zoning Plan , there are more than 1.3 million signatories to stop the construction of houses under the sea .