Hong Kong government slow to accept Hong Kong cycling

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    Article on cycling in Hong Kong, in China Daily, includes:

    Cycling is finding its way back into vogue as a legitimate means for people to travel to work in cities around the globe. Not so in Hong Kong, where the SAR government sees bicycles on crowded streets as a potential liability. That has not discouraged a group of enthusiastic advocates from continuing to press for expanding facilities for cyclists – even in the very heart of the city…

    "Cycling is the most convenient, efficient mode of transportation known to man – and it's just right for the harborfront, which we want to be a peaceful and well-connected locale," says Martin Turner, a member of the alliance. "I can see a family going there and hiring bikes for an afternoon. And commuters won't have to sit on a bus for 45 minutes at the start of the morning – they can get some fresh air and improve their health."

    Turner and other cycling advocates hope that giving bikes a place on the waterfront will encourage cycling not only as a recreational activity but as a convenient way to get around the city.

    "Our goal is to make cycling a part of everyday life in Hong Kong," says alliance member Philip Heung. For that to happen, though, cycling advocates must face the mother of all obstacles – changing government policy, which does not consider bicycles a means of transportation, even as cycling appears to grow more popular in both the New Territories and the urban areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

    "The interest in cycling is definitely there, but the infrastructure we have is pretty inhumane," says architect Joseph Ng. Drivers often assume that cyclists do not belong on the roads and treat them with little respect.

    Resisting the Cycle


    Here's a TVB Pearl Report on cycling in Hong Kong, and why cyclists are HK's most marginalised road users:


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