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    Many of those changeable lizards you can approach and almost kiss them if you do it slowly. They believe in their camouflage. I guess the open mouth was because of the heat.

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    The pollution in HK is now so high that the lawmakers can’t see what they are doing. Maybe that’s the reason they want to have a better view at the waterfront. They will get disappointed when they discover it didn’t become better.
    Malls, malls and malls everywhere. Shops without customers and more pollution to cool down those millions of sq.feet. Only those stories with restaurants and coffe-shops seem to survive.
    It’s a big shame to claim more and more land from the harbour.
    Claiming more and more from the harbour and build more new tall buildings, will make the environment more badly in Central. It seems money is still more important than people.
    Lawmakers!!!! Try to show you are lawmakers and think one more time if it’s really necessary to destroy the environment. Remember!!! Keep HK clean.

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    There are some windsurfing activities in HK. But normally I don’t find HK is a windy place. I haven’t seen any kitesurfers. I have found a link to show you some places. The place on Lantau is far away from HK Islands. I gues it will take 1 hour to go there.

    Take the MTR train to Tung Chung Station and the bus NO. 11 from Tung Chung Station. When you see the coast line (the road is like a T and the bus turns to the left) it’s time to get of. On your right hand side you wil find the beach. Have a nice time in HK.

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    Wonderful photo of a sunset. Nice composition, light and colours.

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