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Five Hong Kong Hikes as Winter Warmers

With respite from Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity, winter is great for hiking Jungle Jaunt: Tai Po Kau to Shing Mun Why The most extensive woodland in Hong Kong, with picturesque streams. Route Start at Tai Po Kau Special…

Hong Kong Wonder Falls

With abundant streams tumbling down Hong Kong hills, there’s a fine variety of waterfalls. The sadly defunct Waterfalls of Hong Kong website listed over 50 waterfall sites across the territory. Some are easy to reach, while others take effort to…

Hong Kong Islands


pui o beach tinyimageExploring Hong Kong's islands, you can stroll along narrow streets, hike trails across hills and headlands, admire waterfalls, and relax on beaches.

Hong Kong Forests

Though there are places where wildlife is on the rebound, none is any more than a shadow of Hong Kong's forests past.

Hong Kong Beaches


shek o beach tinyHong Kong is dotted with beaches, some of which are wonderful, and great to head to during the long hot summer.