Plans to develop area of San Tin fishponds threaten biodiversity for perhaps fanciful project

I’ve just emailed views re government’s recently announced plan to create San Tin Technopole, including by destroying a substantial area of San Tin fishponds:

I’m emailing to object to plans to destroy an area of San Tin fishponds to make way for the “Technopole” – which I also believe is a silly project with a silly name, which will cost taxpayers and not generate profits. cf Cyberport and Science Park not meeting the rather grand expectations; and Disneyland making losses year after year.

Here, there is destruction of wetland, which I believe goes against Ramsar Convention principles (“the Contracting Parties have recognized a duty to avoid wetland losses.”).

Also contravenes the principles of Hong Kong’s Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan: “The Government has also covered this [Deep Bay] and the nearby area with statutory plans and Town Planning Board Guideline has been issued to further ensure that any development of the surrounding area is compatible with the conservation of the wetland habitats.”
As green groups including Hong Kong Birdwatching Society have noted, the San Tin fishponds are significant for wetland wildlife including birds.Hence meriting protection.

Dr Martin Williams

You can email views too: [email protected]

While here is summary of issues with the destruction from Hong Kong Birdwatching Society:

1. Destroying internationally important wetlands as development takes priority over conservation

2. Threatening globally endangered species due to the loss in their important foraging and roosting habitats

3. Putting the second and third largest egretries in Deep Bay at risk

4. Violating wetland conservation planning guidelines and setting a bad precedent for wetland development

5. Undermining the sustainable development of traditional pond fish culture

Submit your comment! Express the Five Key Ecological Concerns about San Tin Technopole

There is also a press release on green groups including HKBWS objecting to the plans: 9個環團籲政府堅守濕地規劃原則 修訂新田科技城方案

This release was summarised in an email to HKBWS members:

【Nine environmental NGOs call urge the Government to amend the San Tin Technopole development plan and stand firm on wetland conservation planning guidelines】 

The Development Bureau is now conducting a public consultation for the land use of San Tin Technopole, which about 90 hectares of fishponds will be filled for innovation and technology use within next year. HKBWS and 8 other environmental NGOs issued a joint statement that the development plan is going to undermine the system that has been conserving the Deep Bay wetlands in the past 30 years. 

We call for an amendment to the San Tin Technopole development plan before it is too late, to avoid destroying the internationally important wetlands in Deep Bay and the reputation of China in the presidency of the 15th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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